Conveyor belts

Resources in Mississauga for Material Handling & Conveyor Products

A complete list of conveyor products and material handling equipment would be too extensive to list here. Below are some of the more popular conveyor products available to meet most applications; flexible conveyors, light, medium and heavy duty gravity conveyors, belt conveyors, pallet conveyors, chain driven live rollers, overhead and garment conveyors, stainless steel conveyors, line shaft and belt driven live rollers, wire mesh conveyor, accumulation and sortation conveyors. Wecon also carries a variety of used material handling systems as well as special application conveyors such as; vertical reciprocating lifts, spiral belt conveyors, tabletop conveyors and gravity chutes. If you don't see what you require, contact us for a more detailed list.
Gravity Conveyors
Skate wheel conveyor
Light duty roller
Medium duty roller
Heavy duty roller
Ball transfer conveyor
Pallet flow

Dorner/Low Profile Sanitary

2200 series
3200 series
5200 series
LPZ series

Flexible Conveyors
Flexible wheel
Flexible roller
Powered flex 1.5 roller
Powered flex 1.9 roller
Power trax

Belt Conveyors
Slider bed conveyor
Belt-on roller conveyor
Meter/brake belt conveyor
Belt curves
Inter-floor conveyor
Wire mesh belt conveyor
Hinged steel belt conveyor

Case Conveyors
Line shaft conveyor
Belt driven live roller
Inteli-roll (24v brushless)
Control flow gravity

Pallet Conveyors
Chain driven live roller
Unit load conveyor
Chain transfer conveyor
Chain driven live roller accumulation
Transfer car

Accumulation Conveyors
Zero pressure accumulation conveyor
Non-contact accumulation conveyor
Shuttleworth slip trak/torque
Shuttleworth heavy duty & low profile

Sortation Conveyors
Right angle transfer
Pop-up wheel diverters
30 narrow belt sorters
90 narrow belt sorters
90 SP narrow belt sorters
Turbo sorter
Shoe sorter

Over Head Conveyors
Tube conveyor enclosed track
V-rail systems (open)
Garment conveyors

Flexible wheel
Flexible roller
Gravity conveyor
Slider bed conveyor

Used Options
Used gravity conveyor
Used belt conveyor
Used live roller conveyor
Used systems
Parts & accessories
Monthly special

Special Applications
Vertical/reciprocating lifts
Spiral belt conveyors
Gravity chutes
Magnetic belt conveyor
Table top conveyor
Truck un-loaders
Truck loaders